XF15 97-105-115 ft


The XF15 is a crossbraced, high performance canopy for advanced and demanding canopy pilots. Smooth openings and on heading. It flies very steap and powerfull swoop. The XF15 is perfectly made and the price cost/performance ratio is really good. 

  • Diagonal construction for maximal performance and maximal speed
  • Top gear for top pilots
  • You’ve got to try it to believe it!

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Jojowing XF15 is one of the best selling high performance canopies manufactured in Europe. It’s actually our bestseller and highly recommended canopy for advanced pilots. This is the ultimate step after Sonic and Raptor canopies.

Although there are loading charts given for each model / size, the actual used size should depend also on the pilot’s experience and the intended usage.

XF15 Characteristics
Model XF-15
85 89 93 97 105 115
85 ft 89 ft 93 ft
97 ft
105 ft
115 ft
No. of cells
Min-max weight
48-70 48-80 48-90
AeČR in progress
Top skin ZP
Bottom skin ZP
Profiles ZP
580 lb
Lines 750 lb
JOJO outline

This manufacturer has been producing skydiving canopies since 1994, specialising in the development and production of high-performance canopies. The designers have more than ten years experience with an excellent technological and construction background. Jojo Wings are counted as the pioneers of ‘fast canopies’. The first prototype of the under 100ft2 category was tested in 1994. Based on the experience from the diagonal technology used and patented for the paragliding wings, this technology was first applied in 1998. Since than Jojowings have been developing high performance tandem canopies. The HOP330 is a pioneer in ‘small tandem canopies’. At present these canopies have done more than 80,000 jumps. The performance, quality and durability places this canopy at the forefront of the best products of its kind in the world. The experience learned and gained during the development and real life use of these canopies has been transferred into a whole line of student and expert canopies. Jojowings canopies are also widely used by a special division of the Czech Army.

JOJO design and philosophy

We believe the combination of Jojo´s construction background with the experience of developing our other products – including paragliding and kiting – gives us a real advantage over other companies. Flying characteristics such as excellent gliding ratio, smooth and soft openings, handling, great speed and performance for soft and safe landings are all advantages our canopies deliver. Our products are only limited by the experience of the pilots using them. We work on exceptional products for a number of extreme air-sports where there is no place for compromise. Our experience is your advantage – your experience is the springboard for your development.

JOJO materials and technology

Design and the development of the best products go hand in hand with the use of the highest quality materials. The use of the best materials currently available in the market assures the quality and success of our products. The right combination of materials plus our technology and expertise produces these high quality products. The HOP330 Tandem canopy is tested to the extreme by some of the biggest full time tandem DZ’s in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. Proven to have a life of up to 5,500 jumps this economy, together with low maintenance means these canopies are becoming the favourite canopy of professional users. The knowledge gained from the HOP330 has a direct impact on the development of all other canopies. Quality without compromise is a trend which will never go out of fashion.

Let us help you with colouring your XF15 canopy.

For users with less experience we recommend Jojowings Sonic universal canopy.


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