Sonic 150-170 ft


Jojowings Sonic

  • Jojowings Sonic is a nine cell semi-elliptical canopy of classical construction
  • Openings are soft and consistent with minimal tendency to turn to the side
  • Slightly cuted off the trailing edge for easier piloting and lower control force
  • Aggressive at higher loadings, but gentle when lightly loaded, wide speed range
  • Strongly held constant glide path
  • Maximum lift force for landing.

Jojowings Sonic is for those who are looking for a slightly more aggressive piloting but are not interested in the demands of Raptor or XF15.

Go to the colouring programme to free your mind and get back to us with a print screen. We advice you on the best solution, as not all the colours are the same.

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Jojowing Sonic is one of the best selling sport canopies nowadays in Europe. It’s actually our bestseller and highly recommended canopy for all users. All Skydive Atmosfera instructor and students jump Jojowings canopies.

Currently produced models: Jojowings Sonic, Raptor, XF15 and tandem H.O.P.  represent only the last chapter in a long history of JWS´s canopies.

Except of these general models, there are various modifications “tailored” exactly to the needs of pilots, their skills and intended usage. Series are limited, so every particular canopy gets the full attention.

JWS canopy doesn’t give you a perception of exceptionality –  you are really exceptional with our canopy. Jojowings canopies can give you a complete experience and satisfaction on every level of your abilities.

Although there are loading charts given for each model / size, the actual used size should depend also on the pilot’s experience and the intended usage.

Advanced canopy pilots may be interested in high performance canopy XF15, which is available is sizes from 77 to 115 ft. Get in touch with us for an inquiry.

Getting the whole Ready-To-Jump skydiving gear

Here we are for whatever you need in getting your first skydiving gear. We totally understand that for a frequent skydiver the rented gear cost makes skydiving more expensive. You cannot pack it and thus learn to pack your own gear. And at some moment you may miss a load due to lack of your parachute or the packer will not pack it on time.

We know how frustrating it can be for such a quite a beginning person. The cost of tailored made full gear is elevated and requires tough decisions. On the other hand however used gear may be seen as an attractive option, it can turn our not to be so attractive. First of all with used gear the problem is that it’s has not been tailored made to your measurements. You can find a similar weight and height person, but at 200 km per hour it is essential that you have all well adjusted to your body. Also under the canopy used leg straps may be painful, as it was settled for another body shape. You can find our more what full gears sets are available in this section Ready-To-Jump here.

If you are interested in the Commodore canopy, we advise you what container would be the best for you and help you choose adequate reserve canopy, and AAD, according to your preferences and financial possibilities. When getting full gear set, the assemble is free. Get in touch with us for a free advice.


Jojowings Canopies