Commodore 190-290 ft


Commodore is a modern, innovative 9-cell student canopy.

Learning the art of canopy piloting

Learning the art of canopy piloting imposes special requirements to the equipment in use: precise and comfortable deployment, high stability under ultra low load, flat glide path with sufficient horizontal speed, easy flare and landing. Commodore meets all of these requirements.

This is possible due to the fact that upper skin and ribs of the Commodore are made of Zero Porosity fabric, other parts are made of F-111. This combination significantly extends service life of the canopy also making packing easy.

The unique feature of Commodore is the use of split panels in the bottom skin. This enables the use of high contrast color patterns, which helps to easily spot the student canopy even in the crowded sky.


Free your mind with the colouring programme here and get back to us with a print screen. So we can advise you on your choice.

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Recommended wing loading of Commodore is between 0.6 and 1.25 lb/sq.ft. Recommended wing loading for the students is 0.65 – 0.90 lb/sq.ft. The canopy is available in following sizes: 190, 210, 230, 250, 270 and 290.

Commodore is equipped with collapsible slider and Dacron-525 lines. Lower steering lines are made of Dacron-1000.

CO-190 476 10 (5) 2.49
CO-210 520 11 (5) 2.49
CO-230 564 12 (5) 2.49
CO-250 608 13 (6) 2.49
CO-270 652 14 (6) 2.49
CO-290 696 15 (7) 2.49

Free your mind with the colouring programme here and get back to us with a print screen. So we can advise you on your choice.

Getting the whole Ready-To-Jump skydiving gear.

Here we are for whatever you need in getting your first skydiving gear. We totally understand that for a frequent skydiver the rented gear cost makes skydiving more expensive. Therefore you cannot pack it and thus learn to pack your own gear. And at some moment you may miss a load due to lack of your parachute or it will not be packed on time.

We know how frustrating it can be for such a quite a beginning person. The cost of tailored made full gear is elevated and requires tough decisions. On the other hand however used gear may be seen as an attractive option, it can turn our not to be so attractive. First of all with used gear the problem is that it’s has not been tailored made to your measurements. Although you can find a similar weight and height person, but at 200 km per hour it is essential that you have all well adjusted to your body. Also under the canopy used leg straps may be painful, as it was settled for another body shape. You can find our more what full gears sets are available in this section Ready-To-Jump here.

If you are interested in the Commodore canopy, then we advise you what container would be the best for you and help you choose adequate reserve canopy, and AAD, according to your preferences and financial possibilities. And what is a great plus –  ordering a full gear set, the assemble is free. Get in touch with us for a free advice.



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