SWS Fire 1


SkyWideSystems Harness System meets the strictest standards of safety and quality. The strength of the different parts exceeds all requirements of available test programs. SWS Harness/Container System has passed drop test at the weight of 165 kilograms and drop speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

Successful test program has allowed the company to create a unique product which has no rival among world-renowned brands.

SWS Fire is our highly recommended skydiving harness/container for all experience levels.

Safety and Flawless Design

The SWS Fire harness systems are considered to be among the most comfortable, strong and durable in the world. And with the best price-quality value.

The reserve free-bag and reserve container have “semi-exposed” reserve pilot chute concept. This kind of structure has been recognized as the most efficient in terms of ensuring the fastest reserve deployment and minimizing the rigging mistakes.

Complete Systems Ready-to-jump

We offer a possibility to purchase a complete rig ready-to-jump. That will release you from tiresome ordering process from different suppliers. We are delighted to help you to choose an optimized set and assemble the rig in the shortest possible time.

Competitive price

SWS Company is continuously searching to find the best product quality for a reasonable price.

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  • The container with SWS Fire harness was successfully tested within the set of tests under the program FAA TSO  C23d. 
  • Fire Student – Student Harness & Container System and Fire Tandem – Tandem Harness & Container System accepted for general use by British Parachute Association.
  • The container with Fire harness was successfully tested within the set of tests of  Airtec.
  • The container with Fire harness was successfully tested at the testing laboratory of the Research Institute of Fiber Treatment.

Based on the results of the above-mentioned tests the following limitations were set:

Maximum gross weight (fully equipped sportsman + parachute system) 

  136 kg

(300 Lb)

  Maximum allowed deployement speed (maximum allowed speed for container opening)

  309 km\h

(170 knots)

SWS Company does not set any operation time-limits or number of jumps for the container or the harness.

Successful check-up by a competent rigger is enough to provide permission for the further use of parachute system.

SWS Company requires to check up the system at process of assembling, every time before packing the Reserve (whether the equipment was deployed or not), after cases of suffering adverse conditions (for example, after soaking in water), and regularly – once in 6 months if the regulations of country where the equipment is used do not say otherwise.

ISO 9001:2015 “Quality management systems” Certificate

SWS Company has successfully passed the certification for compliance the quality management systems requirements ISO 9001:2015 “Quality management systems”. Notification certificate SIC.MS.040.ISO9001.176 dated 29.03.2017.



SkyWideSystems (SWS)

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