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The latest addition to the Atair canopy family, the WinX, is designed for wingsuit skydivers who want a canopy that has soft, consistent and reliable on-heading openings but who also enjoy more aggressive, high performance canopy rides.

The WinX is a 7–cell zero-P semi-elliptical canopy, built on the proven knowledge of our earlier products; the Radical, a 9-cell elliptical, and Dragon, a tapered 7-cell. The result is a canopy with stress free 7-cell openings that flies like a 9-cell elliptical.

WinX is extremely fun to fly at high wing loadings, being very responsive to toggle input, but at the same time rock stable in straight flight and turns. At light to moderate wing loadings, it’s a great transitional canopy for novice or medium experience skydivers. The great glide performance will bring you home even if the spot was way off, and plenty of lift during the flare enables great, easy landings from a straight in approach.

If you like to swoop, the WinX will be more than happy to oblige. With a low pull force on the front risers, moderate recovery arc and a long, powerful flare, it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Atair Canopy WinX

The WinX was designed using specialized CAD software to analyze low speed airfoils and wings. With the use of advanced airfoil shaping techniques, it’s possible to transfer a 3D design into 2D canopy fabric panels. This results in a parachute that maintains its designed airfoil shape throughout the whole wingspan during flight.

Make it Fit !


Made entirely from ZP material. It packs similar to other 7 cell skydiving canopies, maybe 5% smaller. It has Vectran lines as standard.


Packs one size smaller and it is made from ZP on top skin, end ribs and Lightweight PN9 on inner ribs and bottom skin. It has thinner Spectra lines.


Made from Lightweight material and a ZP leading edge is added. It will pack 2x 3x smaller than the regular ZP WINX It has thinner Spectra lines.

Available Sizes

105   120   135   150   170   190   210

As with all of Atair canopies, their class-leading manufacturing standards, and high grade ZP fabric guarantee a parachute that will maintain its superb performance for hundreds of jumps.


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