Cypres 2 C-Mode


Automatic Activation Device (AAD) Cypres 2 changeable mode is a perfect solution for your first equipment. The 4 in 1 solution providing more application possibilities than any other AAD.

The changeable MODE CYPRES 2 can be configured in the field to have the same activation parameters as the Sport models of CYPRES 2 (Expert, Student, Tandem or Speed). This feature can be accomplished by a set series of control unit button pushes until the appropriate model can be selected. The setting procedures is specially designed to make unwanted changes impossible.
The current model / setting version is visually recognizable on the control unit display when the unit is on.


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A proven maintenance plan, a driven dedication for excellence and frequent innovations defining today’s skydiving industry standards have made CYPRES the most popular AAD worldwide.
CYPRES owns the necessary unique technology to give you the utmost safety your AAD can provide.

  • Unique cutter design – for a clean and reliable cut of the loop.
  • Unique handling and haptic – very easy to use and proven to avoid unwanted input.
  • Unique ground calibration – for maximum accuration. The AAD which compensates air pressure changes due to weather.
  • Unique technical service – a worldwide maintenance system on its own that has yet to be matched. Comprehensive treatment and all applicable updates – flat rate with an attractive pricing. Recommended only every 5 and 10 years.

On this video you can see how Cypres 2 saved two skydivers:

To make installation of the CYPRES 2 AAD easy, literally all usual sport skydiving parachute containers are factory prepared for the CYPRES set-up. Contact us to verify  with your container manufacturer / rigger that your system is CYPRES ready.


To the current knowledge of Airtec GmbH & Co. KG Saftey Systems as of today. Since 10th January 1991 no CYPRES failed to activate when the conditions were given. Therefore CYPRES showed a level of reliability within the reach of 100% at that time. Read full disclaimer here.

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