NEW – Full Gear Ready-To-Jump


  • SWS Fire 08/2021

  • WP-190 11/2021

  • Cypres CMode 06/2021

  • Sonic 220 DOM 2021

Stainless steel, RSL, hip rings, integrated knife. Brand new. Ready for skydive. For person 175-185. Reserve repack valid till 08.12.2022

This is a very elegant and universal set that suits everybody’s taste. Well known and tested SWS Fire 1 container with Sonic 220 ft main canopy, reserve WP 190 ft and of AAD Cypres 2. So far it has virtually one jump to control the canopy opening and correct assemble. Such details only with us! skydive_atmosfera_state_of_mind ;). With us you are safe and perfectly attended.

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Sometimes the immense joy of ordering your own gear might be ruined by the eternal waiting for your gear parts to be manufactured. Due to covid-19 many manufacturers have big delays and sometimes the waiting could be measured in months. It’s a global problem. If you are not so thin butsafety conscious and don’t want to wait, take a look at this offer. Brand new complete gear Ready-To-Jump (RTJ) to grab and start skydiving even tomorrow. Well… without counting shipment to you or picking it up here in Seville of course.

If you wing load is requiring (100 kg) and your experience is just evolving , this canopy’s size will save you from many troubles, such as off landing among obstacles, cross wind, no wind, down wind, bumpy wind close to the ground.

This product cannot is only available in price with VAT, which is 5950 euro.



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