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What about your own gear?

When you finally are broke after spending so much money on gear rental, which might result uncomfortable and worn off, you start thinking about getting your own gear. BUT, there are thousands of options, brands, opinions, experiences…. Everybody says different things, you get headache and get dizzy looking at this horrible range of prices, extras, taxes, add ons, etc etc.. You may be ready to spend a few thousand euros, as it is an expensive sport you have chosen, but you need to be sure that you will get what you dream of. Here is your perfect solution with due respect to your earned money.

Actually some dealers may not be interested in you experience, in your special needs, preferences… some of them (not all , as we believe there is a lot of professionals) will sell you most expensive options, unnecessary extras or configuration that may look cool for advanced skydivers, but could be dangerous for a beginner. Which is a skydiver with around 300-500 jumps, the moment when usually people buy their first gear.

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Your first tailored made gear is here!

According to your special needs and requirements, you will receive full gear tailored made, with your colours and embroidery as you wish, with recommended options. Extras are expensive, you may not need most of them, but dealers like to up-sell as many extras as possible to make more money on you… so this is why we recommend you listen to our master rigger, Grzegorz Kucharczyk Iwan, who is also a skydiving instructor and master rigger.

And remember, always, anytime you want to buy something, even second hand, PLEASE ask ask without obligation of any kind a FREE advice.

So the gear we highly recommend  is:

Container  – to choose between Ucranian SWS FIRE Basic/2 and Czech Mars Real X.

Main canopy –  Czech Jojowings Sonic or more advanced XF15

Reserve canopy – Czech Mars WP Reserve Canopy

AAD – to choose between the most popular German Airtec Cypress C-Mode and Czech Mars M2.

mars m2 aad skydiving gear crazy4skydivejojowings canopies skydiving gear crazy4skydivesws skydiving gear crazy4skydive